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An Information Technology project is separate from your usual business activities. It requires:

  • Business knowledge
  • Technical knowledge
  • IT Service delivery methodology

FracRack is the expert in St. Louis at managing Information Technology projects. We help management teams design, plan, execute and control their Information Technology project to ensure it is delivered on time and within budget.

For IT Project Management, Experience Matters

Our staff of Information Technology engineers have an average of over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and are certified and up-to- date on the latest IT technology and practices. They will work with your team, providing guidance and expertise, to successfully complete your Information Technology projects.

IT projects are never “business as usual.” They require not only IT expertise, but a complete knowledge of successful management and service delivery technology as well. Existing Information Technology staff may not have all the skills required to push through a project to a “done.”

The FracRack IT Project Management Process

The FracRack IT project management service starts with a thorough consultation to ensure that our project managers understand the goals for a project deeply. Our project managers then drive it through, allowing the existing IT staff to continue their daily routine without interruption.

Our project managers have the skills required to interact well with any team member that the project may touch – even those whose IT knowledge is limited.

This is the most efficient way to execute an IT project and maintain the vital IT operations that keep a company running smoothly.

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FracRack is dedicated to the idea that IT should help a company generate revenue, create new markets and be more competitive. Allowing FracRack to manage your Information Technology projects is one way your company can transform its IT department into a powerful tool to expand your business.

To learn more about our Information Tech project management services, please call a FracRack IT consultant at 636-449-5300 or request a free IT consultation.


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