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FracRack Information Technology consultants are standing by to help your business, no matter your IT problem. Each of our consultants has worked for 10 years in the field on average, and has passed rigorous testing that verifies their ability to solve a very wide range of IT problems that a business might encounter.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Assessment and IT Road Mapping
  • Desktop Support
  • Carrier Consultation
  • Level Two Support for Premise Based IP
  • Vacation Support
  • Off-Site Help Desk
  • IT Advocate to Review Third Party Software/Hardware Offerings
  • Hosted PBX Consultation/Implementation
  • Software purchases such as ERP’s, CRM’s and 3PL’s
  • IT process development, as well as
  • Vendor alignment and vetting

IT Consultation that is Easy to Understand

Our Information Technology consultants speak plain English when discussing IT. They know computers, networks, and cloud services so well that they have no difficulty explaining their suggestions to anyone.

This is vitally important if broad agreement must be gotten for any IT changes. When so many people don’t understand the first thing about computers, it’s a requirement that any proposals are thoroughly understandable by everyone in the room.

The FracRack Difference

Our IT consultants consult businesses through the difficult decision-making process required to upgrade networks or existing platforms. We offer solutions and support that work seamlessly with your existing systems, and can work as your “translators” as your company interfaces with vendors and specialists while they upgrade your system.

Because we regularly update their own technology skills and have the experience, our IT consultants can often crack a problem that has stumped other IT professionals.

Our consultants can help your business turn Information Technology into a powerful tool to expand your business.

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Hiring a FracRack consultant is an excellent way to recover your time, so that you can focus on expanding your business.

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