Mid-America’s Preferred Choice for IT Consultants

Information Technology is a required component of today’s modern organizations and their day-to-day function. FracRack offers our valued clients expert guidance through our IT consultants. Each consultant has been through rigorous testing and meets the FracRack standard for delivering comprehensive services for a wide range of areas. Assisting organizations in the decision-making process in regards to upgrading networks or utilizing existing platforms and providing innovative IT support and computer networking solutions that are meant to work seamlessly with your existing technology. Working as an advocate for effective improvements and system upgrades, we strive to effectively  guide you and your staff through the complications of today’s complicated networking systems.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Auditing and staffing
  • Software purchases such as ERP’s, CRM’s and 3PL’s
  • Network and carrier recommendations
  • IT process development, as well as
  • Vendor alignment and vetting

To learn more, please call a FracRack IT consultant at 636-449-5300 or contact us here. We’ll apply our unmatched expertise and stellar customer care techniques to find a custom-fit solution to your most-pressing IT concerns.


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