C-Level / Owner IT Guidance

The rapid change and complexity of IT is at an all-time high and can create real challenges for your company. And while the challenges are immense, at the same time, these advances in IT can offer real competitive advantages in today’s business environment. Any edge can translate into better profits, and IT can provide the edge that propels your company to the forefront of your industry.

FracRack has worked with dozens of business leaders to work through strategic options, problem solving, balance risk vs. reward, and confront the realities associated with important IT decisions. Further, FracRack translates strategic vision to tactical reality to create real gains.

Our experience in the IT field has allowed us to develop consulting services that are well-suited to the needs of a non-technical business leader.

IT Consulting for the CEO/Owner

FracRack works with business leaders as their “technology sounding board.” This confidential relationship provides the CEO or owner of the company with solid IT advice, free from vested interest.

IT Consulting for the CFO

FracRack provides Financial Technology Roadmaps and real world cost/benefit IT evaluations. We examine all technology options available and map a course of action that gains competitive advantage which takes into account the overall value proposition. Properly leveraged IT resources contribute to a company’s bottom line. We discover how to accomplish this.

IT Consulting for the COO

The day-to-day operation of the business is where “the rubber meets the road.” IT can help or hinder this process. FracRack works with business managers to translate the needs of the business and its customers to move the company forward.

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