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Welcome to FracRack! We change the way business executives view Information Technology. We turn IT from an expensive necessity into a revenue generating asset. We work on the basis that IT can:

– Generate Revenue
– Create New Markets
– Find and Leverage Competitive Advantages

We work with your executives and with your IT department to create a plan to leverage the use of modern technology to make your business operations more efficient and less costly. We take responsibility for both short-term and long-term planning so that your company always has a competitive edge.

Full Service Business IT Solutions

We provide a full range of business computing services:

– Day-To-Day Maintenance of Your Computing System and Network
– Transition from In-House Computing to Cloud Services
– Formulation and Execution of Strategic Planning for Information Technology Projects

Our Information Technology engineers are among the most-trained and experienced in the St. Louis area. We do not employ “entry-level” IT staff. Our engineers exceed an average of 10 years of experience in the field. This is a tremendous benefit when working with FracRack.

Business IT Solutions in Plain English

Have you ever had a conversation with a computer engineer or IT professional that didn’t go well? Perhaps you sensed that there was a language barrier. You may have walked away more confused about your computing problem than when you started. While it is true that Information Technology is a fast and ever-changing landscape, this doesn’t mean that Information Technology solutions need to be hard to understand. FracRack professionals understand their subject so well that they can explain even complex computing and networking problems and their solutions in plain English. We take the time to thoroughly explain our recommendations, because we understand the value of your time. You are too busy to wade through computing proposals that require an IT professional to understand them. We are happy to “talk shop” with your IT team, but we feel it’s important that everyone else on the team understands us as well. It’s what makes us different.

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