Why Your Company Needs To Transition To Private Cloud Computing In MO

Cloud computing in MO, a huge buzzword in the IT world over the past few years, has brought incredible promise to the world of information technology. Pooled computing resources, divided and allocated to different users, have been proven in the development and testing realm of IT to have tremendous benefits. Today we’ve compiled a couple reasons why we think that it’s time your company rethink your IT infrastructure and consider moving towards private cloud computing.

  • You will save time and money when you switch to private cloud computing. This is one of the best parts about the private cloud! Not only do you get all of the great benefits of security and virtualization, but it can also be more cost effective and less work than hosting your own in-house servers or buying your own dedicated servers. As a rule of thumb, if your company has more than 2 dedicated servers, it could greatly benefit from virtualization. If your company has over 10 servers, it’s time to seriously consider private cloud computing with FracRack.
  • Connecting a SAN to your private cloud allows for improved protection against data disasters. Not only will you be able to load balance between servers, but you will also be able to shut down one server without causing any downtime if you have at least 1 extra server. Imagine performing maintenance on your server without experiencing any downtime! Your IT team wouldn’t be able to thank you enough.

The conclusion here is that private cloud computing in MO saves your company money, time, and helps you and your IT team sleep easier.

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