Why FracRack?

With the many Information Technology Services companies to choose from, why choose FracRack?

The simple answer is unmatched expertise and service.

FracRack – Providing Value for IT Services

The key factor that sets FracRack apart from our competitors in the Information Technology space is that we focus on more than the simple “box” that IT services commonly occupy.

Most IT consultants and services focus too heavily on the mechanical aspects of IT and miss “the big picture.”

IT then becomes undecipherable to managers and executives outside of the IT department.

Executives who care about their organization want to know –

  • How can IT facilitate production?
  • Could technology provide the company with a competitive advantage?
  • In what ways could technology produce additional income?

Instead, IT proposals are frequently focused on maintaining the existing IT paradigm.

This focus makes it difficult to assess whether the IT department has missed opportunities to use technology to benefit the company bottom line.

FracRack has the resources and the knowledge to restore IT to its exciting and original purpose – leveraging technology to create revenue and increase company efficiency.

FracRack – Making IT Hassle-Free

FracRack creates hassle-free IT solutions for our clients.

We maintain a ratio of managed networks to engineers at a much higher level than our competitors, so that our clients always have access to the help they need.

Our engineers have superior experience and certification in the field – none have less than 10 years of experience, and each maintains their education with ongoing certification.

We are a local IT service provider based in St. Louis. This means that we are always available for a fast response when help is needed.

Our knowledge, expertise and availability mean that our clients receive hassle-free IT service, and that their questions and concerns are always addressed quickly and expertly.

FracRack – Removing the Fear from IT

While they are experts in company management, leaders often don’t have a deep understanding of IT. Some IT companies and internal IT staff take advantage of this to create a climate of fear regarding IT services and products.

C-level executives can feel that they are “held hostage” by their internal IT departments. This sensation is justified, as many times a single internal IT resource controls the “keys to the IT kingdom.”

Managers need to understand IT within the context of company growth and not be hindered by IT decisions that are being made for the personal benefit of an IT staff or company.

This is why FracRack begins our consultations by speaking with company management – not the IT department. These initial conversations are discussions about company direction and how IT can help accomplish these goals.

When we meet with a leadership team, the most common feedback is that the team has a better understanding of the role of IT within the framework of company expansion. This refreshing take on the purpose of IT helps executives overcome the fear of IT and puts them on track to restore IT to its original purpose.

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