Top 5 Reasons to Consider Cloud Computing

For many small and medium sized businesses, owning and managing in-house hardware (servers, storage, etc.) is an IT model that no longer makes sense in today’s environment.  The rapidly changing demands on IT and on companies in general requires a level of agility that is next to impossible with in-house infrastructure.  In-house servers are not equipped to handle the demands of a mobile and distributed workforce and they remain expensive to purchase, upgrade, and maintain.

The advent of Cloud Computing and of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in particular not only reduces the cost of IT, it also removes much of the risk associated with in-house infrastructure – both financial risk and technology risk.  So, why are today’s nimble organizations choosing Cloud Computing and IaaS as the future of their IT strategy?

  1. Capital Expenditure and Operational Expense – IaaS eliminates capital expenditures on hardware and greatly reduces the budgets allocated to maintenance and support.  By freeing up these dollars, companies are more able to use them for innovative purposes.
  2. Hardware Maintenance and Management – Sure, there is a financial benefit to IaaS, but often overlooked is the operational advantage of freeing up IT Professionals to work on projects that move the business forward rather than spending time on mundane hardware maintenance and support.
  3. Reliability and Uptime – Premise-based infrastructure is rarely deployed with redundant power sources, redundant bandwidth or redundant hardware in place.  Certainly, it’s rare to find an internal IT Organization that would stake its reputation on 100% uptime.  With Cloud IaaS, 100% uptime is exactly what customers receive.
  4. Physical Security – In house hardware is often housed in a “server closet” or a somewhat secure datacenter.  The reality is that physical security of data infrastructure is only  as good as the typical office security.  In the FracRack Cloud Datacenter, all infrastructure is secured in a top-tier datacenter with 24-hour surveillance and staffing, key card authentication, and physically locked cages and server racks.  Security in the cloud is paramount.
  5. Planning for the Future – As premise-based equipment ages and slows, IT is on a constant treadmill of spending and planning for the next purchase.  Cloud Iaas makes IT infrastructure “future-proof” as the Cloud Service Provider constantly maintains the datacenter at a state-of-the art level.  It’s simply a requirement of doing business for the CSP.
These are the typical reasons for companies adopting Cloud Computing and IaaS.  Does your company have a Cloud Strategy?  If not, it’s time to create one.