The Cloud Continues to Impact IT Realities

Many financial analysts are currently writing about the recent slump in the technology sector as key indicator companies such as Microsoft, Google, IBM and Dell, struggle to figure out the change in the way businesses are buying technology. As earnings slip, growth slows or declines, mergers and acquisitions tumble and overall venture capital for technology is down by more than 7%. Technology stocks are dragging down the overall market; many wonder if this just a temporary wrinkle in the blanket … or another new normal.

Rightly so, the acceptance of cloud computing is being listed as one of the top three factors for the current tech market slow down. Simply put, when companies move their data center into the Cloud, much less “stuff” is purchased. As this trend continues certain technology manufacturers will need to adjust and position new products and services that address Cloud Service Providers more closely, including product acquisition methods that align with CSP’s monthly revenue streams.

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