Steps to Advancing a Cloud Strategy, Part 3

Our third step in Advancing our Cloud Strategy is developing our Use Cases.

Here, with our understanding of the various Cloud options and approaches, we examine our systems and seek out potential use cases within our environment.  In other words we begin to classify what systems we can move to the Cloud and what type of Cloud best suits each case.

For example…one might identify Microsoft Exchange as a target for a Cloud migration. Then we take a look at what approach for the company makes the most sense for Exchange.  Should we deploy an IaaS, (Infrastructure as a Service) Cloud for Exchange?  Or, does the company’s needs better align with a SaaS, (Software as a Service), Exchange solution.  In this case we would look at price, control, ease of migration of data, any integration with other systems such as the phone system, etc.

Once we build a list of use cases, the real fun begins in the next steps when we begin to explore Cloud Service Providers and how they would address each of our use cases.  This would include Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud discoveries along with method, price and approach.