Managed IT Services

FracRack OfficeFracRack assists businesses manage and support their day-to-day IT work, resulting in smoother operations and improved control of IT expenses. By liberating the internal IT department from daily tasks, FracRack allows the IT staff to focus on strategic IT activities that provide a technological edge over the competition. The IT staff in turn:

  • Drive revenue using technology
  • Create new markets
  • Facilitate customer relationships

The Multi-Layer Approach to IT Management

FracRack’s managed IT support services follow a multi-step process, allowing internal IT staff to transition from tactical to strategic IT through 3 layers:

  • Technology Layer

The first step is to transition the internal IT department from day-to-day management and maintenance of the technology.

  • Business Unit Layer

At this level, internal IT support can focus efforts on improving business processes, improving the bottom line.

  • Customer Layer

Finally, integrated IT support and services works with your customer base to build technology that provides your customers exactly what they need in terms of service and customer support. This is the cornerstone of lifting your company above the competition.

How FracRack Manages IT

Managed Infrastructure

We provide exceptional and consistent IT support that allows the IT conversation to move beyond the basics. We build your computing network using a multi-step process:

  • Assess the computing needs of your company
  • Design the network that best satisfies your unique requirements
  • Build a cloud computing solution
  • Support your network through attentive customer service
  • Optimize your network, based on traffic flow and advanced needs
  • Secure your network to industry computing standards
  • Monitor your IT proactively

Managed Servers

We proactively manage your servers, keeping your information accessible and secure at all times, regardless of location:

  • On-site server management
  • FracRack Cloud Servers
  • Cloud servers through any other service provider

Managed Desktop

FracRack provides custom plans for support and management services of any device:

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

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