Recalling 2013 and Looking Forward 2014

Recalling 2013 and Looking Forward 2014

It’s no secret that Cloud Computing is transforming businesses for the better across all market segments. 2013 was a record year for Cloud adoption and has certainly moved the development and management of an effective cloud strategy to one of the top priorities for business leaders. The benefits of adopting a cloud strategy are real and are providing opportunities that extend beyond IT into competitive advantage.

For FracRack, we are honored and proud to have helped so many St. Louis based companies throughout 2013 develop, expand, modify and execute a cloud strategy designed exclusively with their needs in mind. Each unique business found powerful economics, security, reliability, flexibility and agility benefits giving their business advantage in their quest for growth.

  • For example, the last 23 clients added to the FracRack Cloud, saved in excess of $4,000,000 in capital expense for their fiscal year 2013. That translates to almost seven years worth of fees for our services in lieu of those capital expense levels.
  • These customers also have enjoyed zero downtime while realizing continual update and expansion of services.

Looking forward, FracRack expects the Cloud to continue gaining momentum as additional applications develop SaaS approaches and/or become “Cloudable.”

Manufacturers and IT Consultants will expand their cloud markets while more and more IT professionals migrate to IT careers within Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Mergers and acquisitions occurring within the CSP community will testify to the attention … heat … well underway within this area of IT.

FracRack will continue to expand our cloud footprint with additional data centers brought on-line. Expansion of our services in areas of archiving, business continuity and geographic redundancy will provide additional assurances of performance and regulatory compliance.



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