Reality of the “Street” Regarding Cloud Computing

It’s not often that I’m compelled to publish my comments in response to IT bloggers or writers of IT articles appearing in various business or IT publication…but recently I’ve read some pieces that require me to respond just so I can sleep at night!  Namely, these articles postulate that Cloud Computing has run its course or has reached its maximum relevance, never realizing what was “hyped”, and will soon be relegated to the “also ran” category of IT experiments.

When I read these articles I find myself wondering what parallel universe are these fellas writing from.  From first hand experience, with real world clients, and day to day operations in a market, the Reality of the Street in the real world  is that the Cloud is gaining in interest and building relevant results that not only achieve what is”hyped” but exceed the often reported benefit.

At its core, a good Cloud strategy provides benefits of liberation of trapped IT resources.  Liberation of IT spending that does nothing more than keep the existing IT plumbing working.  Liberation of trapped IT personnel that must focus on keeping the plumbing working.  Liberation of IT creativity, perhaps the most important area of liberation, allowing IT staff to develop and deploy IT solutions that face the customer and drive revenue.  This power of liberation by the Cloud is not hype.  Its going on as I write and it continues to fuel Cloud expansion.

While I write from experience, dealing with real customers as they implement their Cloud Strategy and achieve results, the alternative point of view is being developed from simple observations of things such as speculative dialogue and Google search statistics.  These writers speculate that the Cloud might be dying because people are not searching for the term Cloud Computing as often. Really!  Come on, potential Cloud customers are no longer doing that type of simple search of “Cloud Computing”. They’ve moved past that level of elementary investigation of building Cloud Strategies. Today, the search is about particular solutions in the Cloud such as Back-Up, Email, Disaster Recovery, and the list goes on.  The Cloud has moved past some ubiquitous or esoteric term to specific solutions that provide the “hyped” benefits previously promised. The reality is there is not a singular path to the Cloud found with the Google search of Cloud Computing.

The real measurement of Cloud momentum is the amount of work underway in the development of Cloud strategies being conducted by clients and their Cloud Service Providers.  Survey the market and you will find that virtually every business is in some state of Cloud consideration.  Cloud Service Providers are adding customers at increasing rates and the applications that CSPs are providing are growing in sophistication and addressing specific needs of the marketplace.

Come on IT pundits.  Take a look where the rubber meets the road, down here at the Street Level.  Our reality is the Cloud has never looked better.