FracRack Private Cloud –
The Best of Both Worlds

Everyone is talking about the benefits of the cloud – and for good reason. For today's businesses, the cloud drastically reduces the expense of running a premise-based infrastructure while providing scalability and strategic agility that are nearly impossible in the traditional IT environment. However, due to industry regulations, security concerns, and even application performance, many businesses do not consider cloud computing to be a viable solution for their core IT needs.

For this reason, FracRack offers its Private Cloud – all the financial and operational benefits of Cloud Computing while your data resides on hardware dedicated only to your company – in our datacenter or in yours. It's the best of both worlds.

With FracRack's Private Cloud your systems and your data exist in a completely private environment using the latest in "Public Cloud" technology to power your Private Cloud. This reduces or eliminates the typical CIO concerns about the cloud – such as security concerns, adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements, and control of the data. What makes the FracRack Private Cloud unique is that while your systems remain on dedicated hardware, you receive the advantages of scalability, elimination of capital expenditure, and pay-as-you-go pricing that are driving so many companies to adopt Cloud Computing.

Your company may be a fit for the FracRack Private Cloud if any of the following circumstances exist:
  • You do business in a highly-regulated or compliance-based industry when it comes to company data
  • You operate very resource-intensive applications that have high-performance requirements
  • You are looking for ways to reduce IT expenditures but the culture or philosophy of the organization prevents the adoption of Cloud Computing
  • You deal with highly-sensitive data that is best kept "in-house"
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