More Reasons To Switch To Private Cloud Computing In MO

As we spoke about in our last blog on cloud computing in MO, there are many benefits that your company can reap when you switch over to private cloud computing or at the very least, virtualization. Here at FracRack, we’re completely capable and ready to help you make this transition so that things go as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Today we’re back with a couple more reasons why your company should seriously consider transitioning over to private cloud computing.

  • Better resource management means you’ll be able to fully utilize your hardware. It’s true – virtualization will significantly increase the value of your physical server hardware. That means that instead of having 5 physical servers with an average of 10% CPU utilization, you can virtualize the 5 servers with FracRack onto one physical server. This means you’ll decrease rack space, it’s easer to manage, and you’ll lower your power usage.
  • When you transition to from physical servers to virtual ones, you get better flexibility. This is possibly one of the biggest alluring benefits of switching to cloud computing. You’ll never look back after being able to spin up and tear down a server in a matter of minutes as this is incredibly useful and powerful. You can say goodbye to the wasted effort of trying to size a server when you can create one on the fly. Need more RAM? Need more disk space? Need more CPU? No problem! When you transition to cloud computing, you’re able to reallocate resources in minutes.
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