FracRack Cloud ROI Doesn’t Mean Eliminating IT Staff

As Cloud Computing becomes more widely implemented and impossible to ignore, many IT professionals are concerned that the adoption of Cloud for their organization involves the elimination of IT positions as part of the ROI.  At FracRack, we have found just the opposite to be true.

In working with St. Louis businesses, we have found that having a capable, talented IT Team in place in addition to the FracRack Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud is creating financial returns that even we are shocked by.  In the case of true IaaS, the financial advantages come from elimination of:

  • Capital Expenditures for hardware
  • Capital Expenditures for commonly used software (MSFT primarily)
  • Maintenance and support costs
  • Costs of software upgrades and training
  • Cost of Power and Cooling
  • Cost of downtime due to power or bandwidth outages
  • Personnel costs wasted on dealing with hardware issues
By shifting the burden of hardware from the customer to the Cloud Service Provider – FracRack, it becomes possible to free up precious personnel resources from dealing with that hardware to more productive work that helps move a company forward and increase competitive advantage and profitability.
In some cases, companies claiming to offer Cloud Computing are relying on the elimination of jobs as a core element of ROI.  If that’s been your experience, it’s time to take another look at Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).