Don’t Believe These Myths About Cloud Security

Here at FracRack, your trusted cloud computing IT company in Chesterfield, we know that a lot of people think of real, literal clouds when they hear “cloud computing.” While some people worry that the cloud is just as penetrable as the ones in the sky, this isn’t the case. Many managers feel paranoid about cloud safety because they don’t fully understand how it works, so we’re going to ease their minds today by debunking a few of the most common myths concerning cloud security.

  • Myth #1: The cloud is easier to attack than other environments. Firstly, it’s important to understand that the level of data protection doesn’t depend as much on the machines used but rather on the security posture of the data center. This is why more and more companies are beginning to save their sensitive data in private clouds that are better protected and maintained. It’s not that the cloud is easier to attack, it’s how vulnerable the data center is to security attacks. FracRack has real world experience examining, designating, and implementing security best practices.
  • Myth #2: You can’t control where your data is housed in the cloud. While we understand that data residency is a concern, this myth is easily addressed when you select a cloud partner that offers data accountability and has a global footprint. You can address data governance by simply choosing private cloud services.
  • The cloud is just a trend or passing fad. We hear this one a lot and it’s just not true! The cloud has a real presence in the tech industry and it’s gaining more and more ground every day. All types of businesses can benefit from making cloud computing part of their IT processes.
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