Cloud Computing is About More Than Saving Money

It seems that the initial interest in Cloud Computing starts with a question: “How much money will we save by going to the cloud?”.  Fortunately, the answer is lots – 30%-70% is not uncommon.  For the Small or Medium Business (SMB) cloud computing delivers much more than the dollar savings.

Today’s SMB, thanks to Cloud Computing and IaaS, has access to enterprise-level IT Infrastructure that was previously available only to their largest competitors.  What would have taken hundreds of thousands of capital dollars to procure in the past, is now available on-demand for a predictable monthly fee. What would have taken a team of expensive Engineers to maintain, is now available from FracRack with no need for customer in-house expertise.  Industry experts agree that because of these distinct advantages, Cloud Computing will see its highest adoption rates among SMB customers.

Enterprise-class technology combined with the efficiency of a smaller organization gives the SMB a level of strategic agility and competitive advantage never before possible.  With that in mind, the economic benefit in terms of Liberated IT Dollars cannot be ignored.  The savings realized from the Cloud is allowing the SMB to expand markets, develop new products, and even create jobs.

In short, Cloud Computing and Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) have become the equalizer that finally let’s the SMB enjoy the technology advantages that have always been out of reach.