Your Datacenter…Cloud-Powered

The FracRack vCloud is true Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) powered by industry-leading VMWare technology and designed to fully emulate your physical datacenter environment. You maintain full control of your resources on-demand through a secure management portal, allowing the creation and deployment of appliances, servers, networks, and policies instantly and without the need for FracRack involvement. This gives your business all of the economic advantages of Cloud Computing without compromising Security, Performance, or Control.

If you currently operate an enterprise VMWare environment there are powerful tools such as vCloud Connector™ that allow for seamless connection between your environment and the Cloud. This technology delivers tremendous advantages that only a VMWare-based cloud can offer. Contact Us today to find out more.

Pay as You Go. Buy What You Know.
Having trouble figuring out your costs based on IOPS and 95th Percentile Bandwidth Transfer? We agree. That’s why we use industry-standard metrics to build your Cloud-Powered Datacenter. In your datacenter you’ll see items like RAM and hard-disk space – allowing you to buy and build a cloud-based server in the same way you would buy and build a physical server, all on-demand with 100% predictable costs.

What Could This Mean for Your Company?

  • Savings up to 70% – Decrease your IT Budget AND eliminate capital expenditures
  • Unlimited flexibility – gives your company Strategic Agility as needs change
  • Elimination of Technology Risk – Shift the burden of hardware to us
  • Scalability – infrastructure on-demand to meet your current and future business conditions
  • Increase security and performance without any additional cost.
  • Maintain full control – build, decommission, and edit virtual machines, networks and applications all through an easy-to-use web portal.
Taking advantage of the unique flexibility offered by FracRack's vCloud, your organization can adopt Cloud Computing on your own terms. From something as simple as off-site backup of your critical files and servers to a fully deployed Cloud-Powered Datacenter, FracRack has the systems and the expertise to handle your needs.

In a Highly-Regulated or Sensitive Business? Consider Private Cloud.
Due to industry regulations or other security-related and confidentiality-related reasons, you may not see Cloud Computing as a viable solution for your company's core IT needs. With a Frac
Rack Private Cloud you get all of the economic and operational advantages of Cloud Computing while your data resides on hardware dedicated only to your company – in our datacenter or in yours. It's the best of both worlds. To find out more, visit the FracRack Private Cloud Page.

Don't have the Time, Resources, or Desire to Manage Your IT? No Problem.
While FracRack's vCloud and Private Cloud allow for full control of your Cloud-Powered Datacenter, we also offer Managed Services for those organizations who don't want to worry about the IT Infrastructure at all. Contact us for more detail about our Managed Services.

Contact FracRack today at 636-449-5300 and find out how to change your datacenter into a Cloud-Powered Datacenter.

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